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Despite Father Time's advancement, Wade's midseason move back to Miami put him right back in a featured offensive role. From the time of his return to the end of the regular season, Wade paced the Heat in shots per 36 minutes () and usage percentage ().

Come playoff time, he attempted the second-most field goals (70) despite playing just the fifth-most minutes (127). He also launchedof their nine clutch looks.

His previous NBA mileage makes him better served for an instant-offense role than a prominent one, as he's coming off the three worst shooting campaigns of his career. But he can still dominate in spurts—two playoff outbursts of 25-plus points attest to that—and Miami has been more than happy to give him every chance to do that.

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The Clippers want to keep Montrezl Harrell and maintain optimal cap space for 2019, per Yahoo Sports' Jordan Schultz . That's a tricky tightrope to walk and the reason Harrell's breakout campaign hasn't yet yielded a new contract.

When he landed in L.A. as part of last summer's Chris Paul blockbuster, Harrell looked like a defensive-minded energizer. But the longer the Clippers employed Harrell, the more they noticed the other elements of his game.

His activity will always be the first thing observers notice —his sweeping 7'4" wingspan should be a close second —but energy guys don't score like he did last season. His 11 points per game don't jump off the page until you realize he only averaged 17 minutes, at least 3.4 fewer than any other double-digit scorer. After the All-Star break, he squeezed 14.6 points (on 65.8 percent shooting) into just 20.1 minutes per contest.

His offensive range might not reach far beyond the restricted area, but he's a bulldozer around the basket. He was a 94th percentile finisher as a pick-and-roll screener, a figure with almost universal appeal in today's spread offenses.

While specific external suitors have yet to surface, Buy Cheap Excellent Family 48665 Womens Tights Falke Free Shipping Ebay Cheap Online Footlocker Pictures For Sale NGIuW
reported in June that "a host" of them exist.

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This was hardly the most interesting "what if" question of 2017-18, but what would have happened to Rodney Hood's value if the Utah Jazz never traded him?

At the time of the February exchange, the 25-year-old swingman was averaging 16.8 points and drilling 2.6 triples per night at a 38.9 percent clip. He could manipulate defenders through shrewd pick-and-roll navigating, light the lamp from long distance and ignite at any time. He was only 39 games into his season, and he'd already authored 11 outbursts of 20 points or more .

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50 Subordinating Conjunctions and Why They Matter

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by: Brian Wasko


I had a lively discussion/debate on Facebook recently about starting a sentence with because (If that particular topic interests you, you can read all about it ). Commenters several times mentioned that because is a conjunction and therefore should serve to connect ideas within the sentence.

They were right to a degree, but they seemed to be confusing two different types of conjunctions: coordinating and subordinating. When we think of conjunctions (If we ever think of conjunctions), we usually think and , but and or . Or maybe even FANBOYS, the mnemonic device for the coordinating conjunctions ( For , And , Nor , But , Or , Yet , and So ).

But there is a larger and equally important group of conjunctions that function somewhat differently in sentences. They are the subordinating conjunctions. Here’s a list of 50 of the most common ones¹.

The difference between conjunctions in this list and FANBOYS is expressed in the words coordinating and subordinating . To coordinate is to bring things into balance or equality. To subordinate is to make less important. When we use coordinating conjunctions to combine independent clauses in a sentence, each clause is equal in importance:

Helena vacuumed the hedgehog, and Taylor polished the artichoke.

Neither Helena’s nor Taylor’s activity is emphasized in this sentence. If we use a subordinating conjunction, however, it’s different:

Helena vacuumed the hedgehog after Taylor polished the artichoke.

The conjunction after provides some information about when these activities have happened in relation to each other. But this conjunction does something else — something so subtle you might not notice. It makes Taylor’s polishing less important to the sentence. Or maybe it would be clearer to say it makes Helena’s activity the focus of the sentence.

In the first example, the coordinating conjunction and balances the two clauses. Both Helena vacuumed the hedgehog and Taylor polished the artichoke are equal independent clauses. In the second sentence, however, the subordinating conjunction becomes part of the second clause, creating a dependent (or subordinate) clause. We have an independent clause — Helena vacuumed the hedgehog — followed by a dependent clause — after Taylor polished the artichoke . This second clause now explains the first; it tells when Helena did her polishing. With the addition of after , it has become an adverb clause (a clause that functions just like an adverb).

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