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Table 4

Expression of mRNA for gonadotropin receptors in follicles collected during the first follicular wave of the bovine estrous cycle.

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In a second series of experiments, the Missouri group isolated follicles every 12 h during the first 4 days of the first follicular wave to provide more information about changes specifically associated with selection of the dominant follicle. Expression of mRNA for FSH receptor (FSHr) in granulosa cells and for LHr in theca cells was greater in dominant versus recruited follicles by Day 2 of the wave [ 20 ]. Messenger RNA for LHr was not detected in granulosa cells during the first 24 h of the wave, but its expression was detected in one follicle per heifer around the time of selection (36–60 h of the wave) [ 20 ]. Additionally, mRNA for 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3β-HSD) had increased in theca cells of recruited follicles by Day 1 of the wave, compared with Day 0.5 and later in granulosa cells of selected versus recruited follicles by Days 1.5–2 [ 21 ]. Messenger RNA for steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) was not detected in granulosa cells but was elevated in theca cells of selected versus recruited follicles by Day 2 of the wave [ 22 ].

Taken together, these interesting and comprehensive studies show that, early in a wave of follicular development, mRNA for aromatase increases in recruited follicles and that after selection, dominant follicles have higher levels of mRNAs for gonadotropin receptors and enzymes involved in androgen and progestin synthesis (17α-OH, P450 scc , 3β-HSD, and StAR) than recruited follicles. It has been hypothesized that the dominant follicle is selected because it acquires LHr on its granulosa cells and that this allows the cells to synthesize estradiol in response to LH, as well as FSH (reviewed in [ 2 , 3 ]). The findings of the Missouri group lend support to the idea that acquisition of LHr on granulosa cells may be a critical component of selection for dominance.

Our laboratory took a different approach and compared characteristics of dominant versus subordinate follicles around the time of morphological selection of the dominant follicle. The dominant and two largest subordinate follicles were obtained on Days 2 and 3 of the first follicular wave of the cycle and levels of mRNA for steroidogenic enzymes and gonadotropin receptors were examined by in situ hybridization. We were particularly interested in comparing mRNAs for gonadotropin receptors in dominant versus subordinate follicles, to test the hypothesis that acquisition of LHr on granulosa cells is associated with selection of the dominant follicle. Contrary to this hypothesis, mRNA for LHr was not detected in granulosa cells of either dominant or subordinate follicles, although it was readily detectable in theca cells of the same follicles ( Table 5 [ 8 ]). In these experiments, the only difference detected between dominant and subordinate follicles on Day 2 of the follicular wave was that dominant follicles had much higher concentrations of estradiol in their follicular fluid and their granulosa cells secreted considerably more estradiol in culture. By Day 3 of the wave, additional differences were observed; compared to the dominant follicle, subordinate follicles had lower levels of mRNA for LHr and 17α-OH in theca cells and for FSHr and aromatase in granulosa cells ( Table 5 ).

Thank you Molly Malone!

Thank you Molley for those functional aspects of the “folate derivatives. Technically you only need to convert folic acid to DHF, which can be used for regeneration of BH2, so it doesn’t need a lot of steps to contribute. Most of the functions come from the folate cycle. In addition, I would regard 5MTHF as being more a regenerative molecule to make methyl B12. It is methyl B12 in combination with methionine synthase that reacts with homocysteine, but it is also betaine. Further, homocysteine should not build up in the cell if CBS is working properly. Evidence now suggests that it is lack of function of CBS that leads to Hcy accumulation. MeCbl is probably really only used when dietary methionine is low and you need to recycle the Hcy, though to Met, then make SAM. As for the 150 different “analogues of folate” most of these would be accounted for by polyglutamate modfication of the various analogues, thus having 1,2,3, 4 or 5 glutamates would increase the number of analogues,. I am sure that you realize that this is required to keep the analogues in the cell. 5MTHF from diet is not polyglutaminated but (like folic acid) must enter the folate cycle for this to occur. In contrast to folic acid though, in the absence of MeB12 this won’t happen with 5MTHF and leads to elevated serum folate, confusing the picture for the diagnostician, particularly when B12 levels are low.

Leslie says

Kristy–If you have the insurance or simply can afford the b 12 shot–Demand It. I live with a b 12 deficiency. I get a shot every 2 weeks and I’m not even 40. It has taken a permanent disabling toll on my body–overlooked for so long. Lord knows–those babies will suck the life out of you! Babies get ‘fed’ first, right? Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor–“It’s my body–Give me the shot.” Then-do your research. Sometimes we just can’t trust the doc to take care of us. Try to find your underlying cause and start there. Best of luck. Get em.

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Learner says


Dug up that Japanese study and take it to your doctor, along with info from the CDC that says under 200 is low.

There are also some writeups by doctors for doctors online. Print and take to the doctor as well.

Good luck!


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